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Reiki Journey - Blacksburg, VA

  Holistic Energy Healing Therapy  for your Spirit, Body, Mind & Soul


Children are incredibly responsive to Reiki energy and really enjoy receiving this healing energy.  Reiki treatments are safe and non-invasive.  Children also deal with anxiety, fear and peer pressure.  A lot of children complain about G.I. pain due to the ongoing worry they carry.  Reiki has been helpful in the treatment of ADD/ADHD, inattentiveness, irritability, emotional issues, hyperactivity and defiance.  Since Reiki works on all levels of the body-physical, mental/emotional and spiritual, the body will be able to use the energy to find balance in its own way.  It will adjust to the moment and the needs of the individual.  Because Reiki is balancing, it can be of benefit regardless of the type of “disorder” and can provide soothing moments for parents and kids alike.

A practitioner can simply be in the same room with a child, offering the energy gently, without touching or even being near the child.  Some practitioners just spend time with the child, playing or coloring; letting the child guide the session.  As the child becomes more comfortable and as the energy begins to work, changes can be made in how the child receives Reiki.  Changes may come gradually, as is the case with Reiki and many other natural healing techniques.  Parents are encouraged to learn Reiki so their child can receive daily treatments.  Children who learn Reiki benefit from empowerment as well as its calming and restorative effects.


30 mins  $35 | 60 mins  $65

The approach with a child is different than an adults. I try to make it fun and relaxing,  creating an atmosphere that is very effective for them. I always give them their very own crystal to take home with, so they stay focused on this healing journey of theirs.


40 mins  $45

During these sessions we will be looking at where you are in your life right now (personal, professional, relationships etc..). We will discover what obstacles or challenges are blocking you from moving forward and will be looking into courses of action to modify your life to find your true purpose and happiness.

30 mins  $35

    You will be floating in a Healing Hammock, off the ground and lead through a grounding meditation. Then the Vibrations from Crystal Bowls, Tibetan & Himalayan Singing Bowls, Chakra Cleansing Wind Chimes, Rain Sticks, Tibetan Tingsha Cymbals, Dogje Meditation Bell, Ocean Drum and the Healing Drum will be heard vibrating, bringing you to a meditative state of mind, connecting you to your inner self. During this session you will also receive Reiki Life Force Energy healing to help balance and cleanse your Chakras.  This kind of a healing session can help with: Sleep disorders| Anxiety | Depression | Stress management | PTSD | Pain management and more......

    Please make sure you wear a short or long sleeved shirt, no belts, no jewelry or perfume...


(similar to Cranial Sacral)

30 mins  $35

This is an Indian technique to relieve tension around neck and shoulders. Referred to in the earliest Ayurvedic texts and practiced for over 4,000 years used to facilitate the body’s natural healing  abilities. Indian head massage uses aromatic oils and rhythmic movement.   It is a gentle, noninvasive  form of bodywork with the goal to release compression in those areas which alleviates stress and pain.  This session will help you to re- balance your energy flow, promote healthy hair growth, and achieve a deep sense of peace, calm, and tranquility helping you to connect within.