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Mary-Allana Holmes

Spiritual Readings

Mary-Allana Holmes, Holistic Practitioner for Spiritual Guidance, has certificates in Reiki Levels I & II, Entity Removal, and Healing Touch Level 1.  In 1995, she began working with Machaelle Small Wright’s Perelandra MAP program.

"I found a longstanding understanding of energy consciousness turn into a strong ability to connect with and communicate with higher levels of intelligence. Over the years I have learned to distinguish the vibrations of lower frequency influences when they appear. My connections to the realms of Angels and Ascended Masters has grown, evolved and developed through different stages of my own mental, emotional and spiritual growth. My spirit is integrated at a high level of universal intelligence which translates into my sessions with clients. The information offered is of the best intention and greatest potential for integration into a client’s life. Sessions are held with Light, compassion and acceptance and a willingness to work with an individual wherever they’re at, because we are our own best healers."  

Services Offered by Mary-Allana:

> Angelic Readings

> Soul Readings

> Soul Healings

> Home and Land Clearings