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  Holistic Energy Healing Therapy  for your Spirit, Body, Mind & Soul

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Some people are saying after a Reiki session:

"It's like a Massage but the effects last much longer and kind of changes your life!"

Reiki Therapy is not a religion. It is used with the same success by people of many faiths and religions as well as by the followers of widely varying philosophies and ideologies. Reiki is a Holistic and Spiritual approach to going within, reaching the Soul, to heal on a very deep and personal level.

A Reiki session can help with many ailments such as: Stress, Depression, Migraines, Grief, Insomnia, Addictions, Bi-polar, ADD, ADHD, Cancer, Pre/Post Pregnancy, Anxiety, Worry, Pre/Post Surgery, Lack of Focus, Self-Worth, Confidence among others.......




Usui / Holy Fire Reiki II

First & Second Degree Certification Course

Thu 17th | Fri 18th | Sat 19th | Sun 20th MAY, 2018

Reiki ART (Advanced) Course - 10th-11th Nov./1st-2nd 2018

Reiki Master - Sign Up now

Karuna Reiki - Sign Up now

Reiki Meets for Reiki Practitioners Only

Every 1st Tuesday of each Month - 5pm to 6pm

These classes are part of the Training Course fee.

FREE for continued learning for practitioners

Confirmation  to Attend is required

For more information concerning each class please visit the "Classes" tab on the menu bar.

To Sign Up please complete and send the sign up form below.

A minimum of 5 students we be required to open a class. 



Reiki Guided Meditations  at Reiki JourneyYou can Float in a Hammock - Sit  or Lie Down

Jan 11th | Feb 15th | Mar 15th | Apr 12th

6pm to 7:30pm - $15

Floating Reiki Guided Meditations at In Balance Yoga Studio - Weekly on Wednesdays  4:30 to 5:30pm



Sound Vibration Healing  Jan18 | Feb22 | Mar22 

Meditations & Techniques for Soul Connection - Feb-Mar-Apr 2018

Communicate from Heart & Speak Truth - Saturday 20th Jan. 2018

The Wisdom of Chakras - Mar - Apr - May - Jun,  2018

Soul Exploration Retreat - April 6th - 7th - 8th, 2018

Astrology Readings - Friday 23rd - 24th & 25th March 2018

Akawasha Book Reading Club - Every Other Tues at Noon

Soul Readings - Book your Time/Day below

Soul Cleansing Movement Classes - Jan23 | Feb27 | Mar27


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Crystal Bowl Workshop - TBD 2018 - 1:30pm to 3:30pm

Protection Workshop - TBD 2018 -  1:30pm to 3:30pm

Animal Reiki WorkshopTBD 2018



Pool Yoga - April through September (yearly) at Clay Corner Inn 

Restorative Yoga on the Mat w/ Reiki Energy

Vinyasa Flow w/Reiki Energy

Aerial Restorative Yoga - Weekly at In Balance Yoga Studio

Soul Ball Yoga for Balance and Awareness

Child/Youth Soulful Yoga n' Meditation - Coming Fall 2017

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Reiki sessions can be given to Adults, Children and Animals for many different reasons and is very beneficial and life changing for anyone open to this Holistic Healing modality. Reiki is becoming more and more popular, so much so, a Mayo Clinic health information article writes that Reiki helps maintain balanced energy in the body and keep the body healthy. More and more people are receiving Reiki as a form of preventative healing to avoid becoming ill. It is important for one to realize that her/his body is capable of healing itself.* One needs Reiki therapy treatments to encourage the natural healing process. 
Click on "About Reiki" tab for more information.....
* Texts taken from the book "The Holy Spirit and The Spirit of Reiki"


Reiki Guided Meditation Journeys

These meditations are dedicated to those who are looking to go on a spiritual journey to find answers to their purpose in life and heal the heart through deep mediation. With the help of Aromatherapy, Sound Therapy, Crystals and voice techniques, Nicky will guide you through this experience during which time she will be giving participants Reiki to enhance the experience. Every meditation will different such as; "Letting Go Of" - "Finding One's Path" - "Coping with Grief"

After each meditation there will be a Spiritual Circle Discussion for those wanting to discuss their Soul's Journey and Purpose

Private Groups for Best Friends / Birthdays / Parent & Child  = $20 per person
Contact Nicky to set up your private group meditation

To  Reserve Your  Seat At The Reiki Journey  Meditations please fill out the online form below or contact Nicky on 949.439.6062


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For Reiki Training

Certified International
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